About Us


We are a exclusive premium street wear brand, born in Birmingham early 2016 that treats our products & designs like an art. Crossing the gap in between luxury and everyday street wear. Big belly is one of a kind we bring together innovative and the accessible. Big belly is a lifestyle. We want people to wear our garments to feel really important, to feel very positive in themselves and stay motivated to reach greater heights within their journey.
We have applied a thoughtful approach to the manufacture of premium street wear, placing quality, creativity and innovation at the forefront of everything we do.

All of our new products have been crafted with care, refined and inspected by our skilled engineers, who take great pride in striving towards perfection.

We have focused on fabricating high quality jackets, tracksuits, sweaters and t shirts using the best fabric and craftsmanship. A premium street wear brand and versatile allure with subtle touches of class, sophistication and made affordable.

All collections are released in limited numbers, which adds to the exclusive and select nature of owning a big belly product.